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Students Present Environmental Comics at Jean Monnet Modules EVE!

On April 18, students from the Jean Monnet Modules EVE seminars showcased their group-created comics, which focused on a wide range of environmental issues with a particular emphasis on the African continent. These creative projects addressed topics such as working conditions in the Ethiopian rose market, coltan mining, and even featured caterpillars as central characters in their narratives.

The peer voting results and jury deliberations culminated in the announcement of three winning comics:

  1. Yohan and the Sprout (Seminar D)
  2. The Dark Side of African Roses (Seminar G)
  3. Johannesburg Dust (Critic’s Choice Award)

The winning students were awarded the anthology of African literature, “AFRICANA”.

All the comics and their stories are available for viewing in the “Publications” section of our website. These works reflect the students’ deep engagement with complex environmental themes and their ability to convey these issues through the medium of storytelling.