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EVE stems from the hypothesis of moving from the traditional dualism between ecocentric and anthropocentric perspectives by exploring and exchanging multiple visions on the environment in Europe and in Africa.
Looking reciprocally at Europe and Africa through the lens of “the other” will allow for expanding the horizon of knowledge and finding viable solutions to environmental global challenges.
EVE bears an innovative methodology, based on students’ active engagement and re-elaboration through narrative approaches and story-telling, and an inherent projection outside the EU with the goal of promoting EU Environmental actions in Africa.

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The Project Modules

Module 1 and 2 introduce undergraduate students to Environmental Law and Policy, and to Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities, both in EU-Africa perspective.
Module 3 equips selected European and African postgraduate students with critical insights into environmental studies through interdisciplinarity, with practical focus on EU-Africa dialogue (students will produce a four-hands paper in mixed EU-Africa couples). 


Module 1 “Law and the environment across Africa and Europe: translating common challenges and experiences in comic language”


Module 2 “Environment, humanities and social sciences: voices and dialogues between Europe and Africa”


Module 3 “Euro-African mutual learning in Environmental Social Sciences research”

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